Upgrade to Full Real Estate License

Upgrade to Full Real Estate License
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26 Jul 2017

Upgrade to a Full Real Estate License – For Resident Letting Agents (RLAs)

How do I upgrade to a Full Real Estate License once I have got my RLA license?

Once you have completed your RLA license course – it is a very simple process for you to complete the remaining modules to become a Full Real Estate License.

1. Complete our ‘Upgrade to Sales’ Course. (3 DAYS IN CLASS)

2. Complete our ‘Fast- Track Course (For Resident Letting Agents) (3 DAYS IN CLASS)

3. If you HAVE 12 months experience using your RLA license we can offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the remainder of your license. You are now finished the course! (Go to step 5).

4. If you DO NOT have 12 months experience using your RLA license you will have to also complete our ‘Permanent Supplement Modules’. (1 DAY IN CLASS)

5. Lodge your Statement of Attainment with the Office of Fair Trading and pay for your license (check the OFT website for pricing).

6. Receive your license from the Office of Fair Trading.

What is the benefit of doing my Upgrade to Sales course?

There are a number of benefits for doing an Upgrade Course.

When just using an RLA license if an owner in your complex is looking to sell his unit, he has to use an outside agent to do so. (The last thing you want is outside agents poaching your business.)

By having a sales license it allows you to work collaboratively with the owner and an outside agent to sell the property in question. You will split the commission with the outside agent and more than likely will maintain the property in your letting pool.

Without a sales license, if the unit for sale is in your letting pool the outside agent will attempt to add the new owners to their rent role, not to mention you won’t receive any commission from the sale.

If you have already established a relationship and trust with the owner by collecting their rent then they are more than likely to use your services in the sale of their unit as well. You have the chance to increase your income, through sales, as well as being the first agent/Property Manager the new owner has contact with, this will mean 99% of the time the new owner will keep the letting agent the same if they have also sold the unit to them.

Main benefits: Higher potential income, build trust with owners.

What is the benefit of being a Full Real Estate agent?

This is fairly self explanatory. The main benefit of being a Full Agent is that you do not have to use an outside agent to assist in the sale of any properties in your complex. This allows you to maintain FULL commission on any sales as well as maintaining and building your letting pool.

With a Full License you could open your own office (on-site or off- site) and hire sales staff to work for you.

Main benefits: Higher Potential Income, no outside agents needed, build owners trust, control sales within your complex.