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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competence (RCC)

Property Training Australia offers all candidates an opportunity to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) in all units of competency from our courses.

For further information please contact our offices.

The RPL/RCC process

The RPL/RCC process includes a range of assessment techniques including equivalencies, challenge tests and assessment of a portfolio of evidence. RPL/RCC should give equal value to learning and skills whether these come from formal training, informal training, experience and competencies gained on the job, or other life experiences.

Quality evidence

The emphasis should be on the quality of the evidence, not the quantity and to ensure that it meets the following criteria:

  • valid: covers all the requirements of the unit of competency
  • sufficient: enough evidence to demonstrate your competency
  • current: reasonably recent, as a general guide less than two years old
  • authentic: your own work, e.g., certified/authenticated; can you answer questions about them or explain how the work was done
  • relevant: relates to the qualification or units of competency you are seeking

In addition, quality evidence is:

  • consistent: representative over a period of time rather than one instance
  • reliable: comes from a credible and verifiable source.
  • diverse: comes from different contexts, locations and times.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is the process by which individuals can have their prior qualifications, formal and informal learning recognised formally through assessment without the learner having to complete training in that particular area, unless identified through the RPL process (gap training).

RPL may also include Recognition of Current Competence (RCC).

Recognition of Current Competence (RCC)

Recognition of current competency applies if a client has previously successfully completed the requirements for a unit of competency or module and is now required, (e.g. by a licensing authority) to be reassessed to ensure that the competence is being maintained (currency). In this case no extra skill or competencies are nationally recognised.

As part of the RPL / RCC process Credit Transfers may be awarded.

Credit Transfer

In cases where you hold equivalent units, Credit Transfer will be awarded as part of a Recognition process.  Where a unit of competency is the same Code and Title as that offered by PTA, the College will provide a Credit Transfer.  This will include superseded (non-current) units, provided they are equivalent and that currency can be established.  Verified or certified transcripts must be provided, which will be authenticated by the College.

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