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1st OCTOBER 2021

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Your RPL Assessor will guide you as to the relevant evidence you need to provide to support your application.  At this stage the Assessor may contact you to provide any additional information or advice to assist you through the process.

Once you have gathered all the required evidence you should forward this information to PTA for review and assessment.  Your RPL / RCC Assessor is available via email or telephone to provide any guidance you may need, however the onus is on you to fully substantiate your claim to RPL / RCC.  Incomplete and unclear applications will be returned to you without being assessed for re-submission.

When applying for RPL/RCC, you must supply evidence to support your claim. There are three (3) types of evidence that you can supply:

  1. Direct Evidence: This may consist of examples of work, for example Real Estate forms completed by you in the workplace. This evidence will have to be certified by a supervisor or employer as being your own work. It may also include certificates and awards received at work training courses or as a result of specific achievements in your job. It may also include evidence the assessor observes first-hand (e.g. workplace demonstration, questioning the applicant.)

  2. Indirect Evidence: This is evidence reported by someone else, e.g., workplace performance review or 3rd Party Report.

  3. Supplementary Evidence: This may take the form of a personal report outlining your work and life experiences which you believe substantiate your claim. It should be a detailed report. A resume alone would not be sufficient. Ideally it will be accompanied by letters of reference from past and present employers, persons of note in your community and clients and customers that you have dealt with.

Workplace Assessment

In addition, if the assessor requires more evidence or the candidate prefers to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the workplace they may request a visit from one of our Assessors.  The candidate is still required to provide all required RPL evidence at site. This process:

  • usually takes between an expected 3-4 hours minimum, and may require more than 1 workplace visit to complete, depending on how prepared the candidate is and the type of evidence provided;
  • involves oral questioning by the assessor to assist in making a valued and valid assessment;
  • requires access to examples of current work;
  • may require practical assessment of work tasks;
  • may require a supervisor to corroborate the applicant’s claim and authorise the assessor’s viewing of commercial in-confidence documents.
  • should be free from interruption but you may choose to demonstrate your skills in a real life situation with actual clients or customers.

A workplace visit will incur an additional fee of $400 per visit in addition to the Schedule of RPL / RCC Fees


When applying for RPL/RCC, it is anticipated that you have recent relevant industry experience in the units of competency for which an application is being made. Educational qualifications for similar or discontinued courses alone would not substantiate an application for RPL/RCC.

It would be expected that an applicant for RPL/RCC have a minimum of 12 months experience in the past 24 months in the job role they are seeking the RPL/RCC for.