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1st OCTOBER 2021

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The time period for an RPL/RCC application depends upon the number of competencies applied for and how well the application has been prepared. However, students will receive notification of the result of the application within 30 days of its being received by PTA.

Assessing the evidence

Your assessor will now make a judgement of the evidence collected. Your evidence will be checked for validity to ensure that it meets the assessment criteria, and that it’s sufficient to demonstrate that you have the required skills, knowledge and currency. Your assessor may need to confirm your previous work experience with someone (such as your supervisor or employer) who can vouch for your skills over a period of time.  They may contact you to carry out further questioning or arrange a workplace visit and where necessary, make arrangements for any additional interviews or practical demonstrations that may be required.

Students will be allowed 90 days from the date of notification of a request for additional information by the assessor to submit such information. If the required additional information is not received by the due date, then the application will be deemed to be at an end and a final assessment notice will be issued.

You will be contacted by the assessor prior to any final assessment being issued to determine if you require any assistance in finalising your application.

Finally, your assessor will decide which units of competency you should be awarded.

Assessment results

One of our trained assessors will advise you of the result of your assessment.

Any assessment result from an RPL/RCC application can be appealed by students. The appeal process is outlined in the Student handbook.