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3 Dec 2021

Info on New Training Package

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New Training Package (CPP41419)

As of October 1st, 2021, Queensland Office of Fair Trading has introduced a new training package for the Real Estate and Property Management Industry in Queensland.

This new training packages has made the previous units obsolete and is more in line with the rest of the country’s qualification requirements.

Queensland has often been considered the best state to obtain a Full Real Estate License compared to what some states require to be a licensed agent.

The QLD Real Estate Licensing Course has been upgraded from a Cert III qualification to a Cert IV with one diploma unit included in the 19 modules for the new training course.

In previous years we have been able to offer all of our courses online or in class however due to ongoing Covid restrictions and the recent changes to the training package we are not able to offer the entire course solely in class.

Property Training Australia has developed ‘blended study’ which will have students in class for their learning material and theory, however they will be required to complete an amount of work and research in their own time on line. For example, when doing a property appraisal, it requires extensive market research which is too time consuming to be conducted in class and this assessment will need to be done in the student’s personal time.

Students are also required to attend an auction for an assessment and obviously we can not conduct an auction in class.

Property Training Australia will be holding face to face blended training on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Bundaberg, and North Queensland with our main training facilities doing classes monthly.

Online training is available anywhere in the country with 24-hour access and we have a great support team of professionals to guide you through.


Real Estate Licensing

The QLD Real Estate Agents licensing course still has 19 units of competency to be completed to receive your qualification. The course consists of 5 core units and 14 electives.

Previously this course was $2125 and required 10 days in class to complete the course. Since October 1st the Full Real Estate Course delivery has changed and requires 7 – 8 days in class plus some additional hours to have the 19 units completed. This course is available online and is estimated to take approx. 120 hours to complete. The full real estate licensing course costs $1990.

Please understand that there are costs involved with being issued a QLD license to practice from the government (Office of Fair Trading). Similar to a drivers license you can purchase a Real Estate License for 1 or 3 years.

Please refer below to ‘getting my license’ to understand the process of applying for your license to practice.

For all course information please go to:

For more information regarding licensing please go to OFT website: (


Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Course

This is the entry level course for the Real Estate industry and would allow you to work in both Sales and Property Management for a Real Estate company however it’s important to understand that you must be working for a fully licensed agent.

The previous training package included 7 units of competency to become a qualified salesperson or property manager. The new training package requires 12 units to be completed to be a qualified salesperson or PM.

Property Training Australia offers this course through blended study or our online training facility. Blended study will include 4 days in class and approximately 20 hours of additional work to be completed at home.

If you decide to do the entire course online, we suggest approx. 50-60 hours to complete the 12 units of competency and assessments. Please refer below to ‘getting my license’ to understand the process of applying for your license to practice.

For all course information please go to:

For more information please go to OFT website (


Resident Letting Agents Course (RLA)

The Resident Letting Agents’ course (RLA) is designed specifically for Property Management with Onsite Management (Management Rights). In the past this course was a 4-day course and consisted of 6 units of competency, under the new training package it has been upgraded to 15 units of competency.

Our blended studies will require RLA students in class for 7 days and a remaining   hours of homework to do in their own time to become a qualified RLA agent.

In QLD there are 19 units for a full real estate agents’ course and with the new RLA training package offering 15 units it makes upgrading very simple.

In the past we have always encourage RLA agents to upgrade to either a salesperson license or to a full real estate license. The reason being that when you run a complex and only have an RLA license not only are you missing out on good commission from the sales of units in your complex, but you also lose an income stream from your letting pool. Nine times out of ten when an owner wishes to sell in your complex and they are needing to use an outside agent to do this, that agent will more than likely have the new owner as part of his own property management. So a RLA agent can have one less owner in their letting pool while also missing out on the commission of a sale.

For this reason, we suggest ALL RLA’s to upgrade to a full license at some point and with the new training package this will only require an additional 4 units.

The Resident Letting Agent’s course is only $1100 and can be completed entirely online or though blended studies. Our blended study option will have you in class for 7 days and the remaining work to be completed at home. We suggest approx. 45 hours to complete the work from home.

For more course information please go to:

Getting my License.

Once you receive a qualification from Property Training Australia in the form of a statement of attainment you will need to take this to the QLD Office of Fair Trading to apply for your license to practice. You will need three things to complete this, qualification, application form and identification.

We suggest going into an actual OFT office rather than posting your application as this can not only delay the process but if there are any errors or issues with the post service is may not be received promptly.

The OFT will conduct a criminal check and issue your license to practice, this can take 4-6 weeks to receive the physical copy in the post.

For more licensing information please go to the Office of Fair Trading QLD website: