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*Please note if you are on a Student Visa you cannot enrol in our courses

We are NOT a CRICOS provider.

Please refer to the QLD Office of Fair Trading Website for further licensing information.

Property Training Australia has a refund process that is fair and equitable for all.

All course fees, including Recognition of Prior Learning fees, are required to be paid upon enrolment and prior to the start of a course (whichever date is the earliest).

If Property Training Australia has to cancel a course, students will be notified and will be entitled to a full refund.


Fees paid in advance for classroom-based courses are refunded, less a $75.00 Cancellation Fee, provided a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is given before the commencement date.

Once a course has begun there are no refunds available.


Fees paid in advance for online courses are refunded, less a $75.00 Cancellation Fee, provided students have not logged on to the website and/or commenced using the learning materials.

Once a student has logged on there are no refunds available.

Students who have not logged into the course within one (1) month of enrolment and/or who have not submitted any material or assessment within one (1) month of the initial logon, will be contacted by their assessor to determine if they require any additional support to ensure progression through their course and to agree on a timetable for progression.

If the student still does not commence or submit work within the agreed timeframe, they will be deemed to be inactive and will have their enrolment terminated without refund in accordance with our Disciplinary policy.

Students who do not complete the course they have enrolled in within the allotted time may apply in writing for an extension. Extensions will be granted in one (1) month blocks at a cost of $50 per month and cannot be for a period greater than three (3) months. This fee is payable before the extension is granted and is non-refundable.


RPL fees are quoted individually by the CEO.  Once a candidate completes an Enrolment Application for RPL and pays the applicable fees, there are no refunds available.


Registration and course fees may be transferred to another person provided he/she meets the course entry requirements. Alternatively, registration and course fees can be transferred to a future course.

A written application for a refund of all or part of prepaid fees must be submitted to the CEO in writing. The CEO will be the sole arbiter in all such decisions.  All approved refund amounts will be paid within five (5) working days.


You may request to pay by instalments by telephoning the College. The following conditions apply:

  1. Students (excluding those applying for Recognition of Prior Learning) are eligible to apply for payment by instalments.
  2. Subject to verbal and written confirmation, and an assessment of the student’s ability to pay, the CEO may approve and initiate a “Payment by Instalments” plan for the student.
  3. If approved the student must submit a signed application and pay an initial deposit as agreed.
  4. The balance of fees must be paid in the agreed instalments.  Fees are payable in advance on an instalment basis.
  5. Students paying by instalments may not apply for further courses while there is an outstanding balance.
  6. Failure by a student to remit payment of an instalment on time may result in withdrawal from that course until the outstanding payment is made and will be liable for the full outstanding balance.
  7. No results, qualifications or statements of attainment will be issued to a student while there is an outstanding balance of fees due to Property Training Australia.