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Property Training Australia recognises that people lead busy lives. To make it easier and more convenient for you to learn when and where you want to. PTA offers you the opportunity to learn online, with a range of courses including: salespersons, property management, resident letting agent and courses for real estate agents.

Property Training Australia’s online courses are developed and maintained with the assistance of Elearn Australia.

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All courses offered by Property Training Australia are available online:

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Considerations for online study

Studying online is a new experience for many people. It is different to leaning in a classroom, face to face with a teacher and in the company of other participants. There are some considerations you need to make before you enroll in an online course:

  • Do you have the prerequisite equipment?
  • Are you willing to make a commitment to spend the necessary time in study?
  • Do you have the skills necessary to communicate with your teacher; e-mail, e-mail attachments, word processing?
  • Do you have a quiet area where you can set up your PC and work?

Check your computer meets the minimum technical requirements before enrolling in an online course. All of Property Training Australia’s property management online courses and real estate online courses have been developed by Elearn Australia.