Student Code of Conduct

Specialised Training
for the
Real Estate industry

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Be aware that accessing our Gold Coast training facility may be difficult. Please check traffic conditions before you travel.

It is important that you read the following information before you submit your application for enrolment. Students enrolled in Property Training Australia have certain rights and responsibilities and must abide by PTA’s student rules and the code of conduct. When you agree to enrol at PTA you are agreeing to abide by these rules.

Students' Rights

You have a right to:

  1. Be treated fairly and with respect.
  2. Learn in a supportive and safe environment free of discrimination and harassment.
  3. Have personal records kept private, subject to statutory requirements.
  4. Have access to personal records on request.
  5. Be given information about assessment procedures at the beginning of a unit.
  6. Receive feedback on your academic performance
  7. Appeal in relation to academic decisions or procedural matters.
  8. Make a complaint about any staff member without fear of victimisation.
  9. Have complaints dealt with fairly, promptly, confidentially and without retribution.
Students' Responsibilities Communication

When communicating with PTA staff, students have a responsibility to:

  1. Treat people with respect and fairness;
  2. Not do anything that could offend, embarrass or threaten others;
  3. Show concern for others by refraining from using swear words, obscenities or offensive remarks; and
  4. Not harass or disrupt others in the performance of their duties.

Students should also:

  1. Participate and attend as required;
  2. Complete all assessment tasks by the due date;
  3. Complete all assessment tasks honestly, without cheating; and
  4. Not claim as their own, work taken from another source or work done by other people.