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Property Training Australia uses the latest innovative and flexible learning techniques to ensure that you receive the very best training no matter where you live or what your preferred mode of learning might be.

Personalised Training: Our classrooms are smaller, more intimate and allow for more one to one time and interaction with your trainer and open discussions with the class. We have found that too many people in the classroom can lead to more time spent in the classroom and less knowledge retained.

Please also contact our office for information pertaining to private tuition if required.

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Resident Letting Agents (RLA) licensing courses:
Real Estate Agents licensing courses (with RPL) Fast Track:

Fast Track courses with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for salespersons, property managers and resident letting agents

Real Estate Agents Licensing Fast Track For (Resident Letting Agents)
Real Estate Agents Licensing Fast Track For (Salespersons)
Real Estate Agents Licensing Fast Track For (Property Managers)

Specialised Training for the Real Estate industry

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